Counselling & Ongoing Support

Whilst at The Glade the Crisis Worker and Doctor or Nurse will also discuss the services available for ongoing support - this may include counselling.  After attending The Glade you may feel you want immediate counselling or it may be something that you would like later, such as before, during or after a court case or police investigation.

We will discuss with you the support which best suits you at the time. 

For clients aged under 18 years, counselling may be discussed with you by the Paediatrician as part of your aftercare package following a medical examination. 

Counselling at The Glade is provided by a Family Matters counsellor - 

Family Matters are a specialist charitable service and the UK's largest provider of childhood sexual abuse and rape therapy and counselling.  Counselling is provided by qualified professionals, trained across a wide range of issues.  People often experience emotions of fear and anxiety following sexual assault.  Counselling is a way for you to think and talk about how you feel in a safe environment.

Counsellors will work to help you deal with your feelings following a sexual assault and reduce emotional and physical distress you may be under.

A referral to Family Matters counselling is completed by The Glade staff with your consent only.