Forensic Medical Examination

If you have been raped or sexually assaulted in the last 7 days we can offer you a forensic medical examination to allow for the collection of any forensic evidence. In some cases it may be useful to have an examination even if the assault was more than 7 days ago.

The examination is carried out by a qualified forensic Doctor or Nurse. If you choose to report to the Police, a specially trained officer may also be present during the examination and the crisis worker will be there to support you. The examination involves checking for any injuries and deciding what forensic samples should be taken. We have medical screens which can be put up for privacy during the examination.

The idea of a forensic medical examination may seem frightening, this is not unusual however we will support you throughout the examination. The Doctor or Nurse will discuss the examination with you, explaining what will happen to make sure you understand the process and are comfortable and happy to continue. You can take the examination at your own pace and can stop at any time if you change your mind. The Doctor or Nurse will also ask about your past medical history and will talk to you about the risk of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, providing you with medication if needed. Our main concern is you and ensuring that you are ok. Staff will ensure that you are treated with dignity and respect at all times. The examination will only take place with your consent.

This service is available to both police and self referrals. If the police are not involved The Glade can store the any samples taken on your behalf - if you then decide in a week, a month or years later that you wish to report to the Police the forensic evidence can be used within an investigation.

After the examination you will be given the option to have a shower, the crisis worker will provide you with toiletries, towels, a dressing gown and a change of clothes if you require them.


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for further details.