Mission Statement

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The West Mercia Glade is committed to delivering excellence of service to all clients; providing sustained improvement in the care of sexually abused and assaulted adults, children and young people. We aim to meet their medical and therapeutic needs in a timely manner. We will deliver a client - centred acute sexual abuse examination service to all individuals within a friendly and clinically appropriate environment. Our children's services will cater for children who have been acutely or historically abused. Care will be provided within bespoke child friendly areas and children's follow up services will be provided.

Staff will take into account the known needs and views of the client and their family, ensuring they are treated with dignity and respect and working to ensure they feel supported at all times.

Our focus is on ensuring all individuals whom we care for are safeguarded from harm through provision of appropriately skilled clinicians to afford quality assessment, treatment, follow up and onward referral to other professionals through integrated pathways, working to ensure continuity of care and improved outcomes for this vulnerable population. We will involve clients and their families in shaping development of the service.

In addition we aim to raise awareness in relation to the issues of sexual violence aiming to increase understanding and consequently decrease its prevalence by working with local agencies, members of the community and West Mercia Police.