Sexual Health Aftercare

Emergency Contraception & Blood Borne Viruses

During assessment with the Forensic Medical Examiner (doctor or nurse), they will discuss Emergency Contraception, Pregnancy and Blood Borne Viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis B.

Being raped or sexually assaulted may put you at risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STI). It may be important to consider emergency contraception if no contraception was used or if you have reason to believe the contraceptive device used may have failed. If you are seen within the first few days of an assault The West Mercia Glade will be able to provide you with emergency contraception. This will be provided at the centre. These methods are extremely effective at preventing pregnancy but must be accessed early after a sexual assault.

In certain cases the risk of some infections like HIV and Hepatitis B (Blood Borne Viruses) can be reduced if medication is given as soon as possible. This will be discussed with you by the Forensic Doctor or Nurse at The Glade and medication can be given if appropriate.

Sexual Health Screening

It is advised following any sexual assault that you are screened for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you attend The West Mercia Glade for a forensic medical examination, it may be too soon for a sexually transmitted infection test. A full STI test should be done around 10-14 days after an assault, this can be completed at your local Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) clinic. If you access The Glade via the Police and you are tested at the time of examination these results may be available to the court but this will be discussed with you.

If you do not wish to have a sexually transmitted infection test at the time of examination, The Glade can make an appointment for you to attend your local GUM Sexual Health clinic. Alternatively if you wish to make the appointment yourself we can provide you with the clinic details. A list of these clinics can be found on our Local Sexual Health Services page.

Sexually transmitted infections can have a major impact on your health, so it is important to receive the right medical treatment as soon as possible. If you do not wish to access The Glade's services it is important that you access STI screening even if you haven't experienced any symptoms, as some infections are symptomless.