To Report or Not?

It is completely your decision whether to report an assault and we appreciate it can be a difficult decision to make. If you are unsure, staff at The Glade can help you to decide. We can explain the options available to you and support you with whatever you decide to do. The Glade will never insist or make you to report an assault to the Police. There may however be occasions where we have to involve the Police or another agency but this will be discussed with you first. For example, if you disclose something that leads us to believe that you, a child(ren) or another person may be at risk of harm or if we believe you are likely to harm yourself or another person.


The Police Role

It is the responsibility of the Police to gather evidence and investigate crimes that may later be used in court. Any evidence gathered by the Police is then presented to the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) who then review it and decide whether to charge and prepare the case for court. Rape and Sexual Assault are serious crimes and the Police understand that not knowing what to expect may be frightening.  You can report an assault to the Police using 999 (for emergencies), 101, attending your local station or a member of staff at The Glade can assist with the report.

If you report an assault to the Police, they will provide a specially trained officer (STO) who will explain the whole process and treat you and your family with care and sensitivity throughout any investigation, examination and court proceedings.

If you report an assault to the Police your identity with remain anonymous.  The law protects you by giving anonymity to victims of sexual assault for your lifetime.  No information likely to lead to your identification as a victim can be published or broadcasted.

If you are unsure whether you want to involve the Police you can self refer to The Glade and discuss your options. Click here for details about self referring to The Glade.