Visual Evidence for Victims

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VEV: Visual Evidence for Victims is a project run by Victim Support, designed to take approved photographs of injuries or things that have been damaged. The photographs are then stored securely and confidentially and can be presented to the police if you choose to report the crime at a later date.

In December 2013 Victim Support trained staff at The Glade Sexual Assault Referral Centre to offer VEV to victims of rape and sexual assault. Staff at The Glade are able to offer this facility to self referral victims using police approved cameras. All photographs taken are then stored at The Glade, in a securely locked cabinets. 

If you decide to contact The Glade to enquire about VEV, you will not be forced into having your evidence recorded through pictures - we'll only do it with your consent. We will treat you with dignity, respect and understanding.

Photographs can be stored at The Glade for up to six years, alternatively if you change your mind about The Glade storing your photographs we can destroy them with your written consent.

To contact The Glade regarding Visual Evidence for Victims please call our self referral line 0808 178 2058 open 365 days a year.

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